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Somatic Movement

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about amy wj

Amy Wanner Jeansonne, MA, is an educator, maker, library professional, parent, ​and the author of several booklets and zines. In working to understand her own ​chronic pain and neurodiversity, she created Go Slow Studio to make space for ​practices in somatic movement, art, and human ecology as means to nourish the ​mind-body-spirit connection. Her work is shaped by a scrappy midwestern ​upbringing, queer culture, a deep appreciation for our greater ecology, and years ​she spent living and teaching science in New Orleans.

A lifelong movement enthusiast, Amy completed her 200 hr Somatic Movement ​Teacher training in summer 2024 with Essential Somatics and is now a ​Registered Somatic Movement Educator (ISMETA). She primarily practices in the ​tradition of Hanna Somatics, but is always learning, and loves how somatics ​combines her passions for anatomy, body-mind practices, and learning in ​community.

photo by Christopher Jeansonne

about Somatics

Somatics is a foundational movement practice that addresses the ​common reflexes that cause us to hold tension in our muscles. Learners ​use simple movements designed to reestablish neuromuscular pathways, ​allowing us to become more connected to our bodies by gaining ​awareness of our own patterns. This awareness supports body-mind ​functioning by alleviating pain, improving mobility, and calming the ​nervous system.

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Here’s also a little IG video I posted before a recent class series.


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Somatic Movement

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